SASC X Liberty Society

    Liberty Society & Refugees

    Liberty Society was founded in 2019 with the aim of abolishing injustice, giving purpose, and dignity back to marginalized women whose voices were taken away, those who are shackled by the chains of poverty and hopelessness.

    There are 200+ refugees from Middle East and African countries who are located in Serpong, Indonesia alone - living off development funds that are barely enough to support their families' basic needs. They spend their hours at home, unable to have basic rights like education.

    These refugee women came from a place of violence without the right to work and left with no activities to make a living in Indonesia. They rebuilt their dream and navigated through the challenges through upskilling opportunities, such as a makeup class training that they look forward to doing soon. Through these types of training, they are encouraged to explore their talents, skills, and eventually encouraged to love themselves for their ability.

    “For my class, as you know, the refugees here, they do not have the right to work or they do not have the right to do anything. So, of course, this makeup class for us is very useful and we really enjoy it.”
    – Sis F

    “Most of my sisters are from Afghanistan, we have had this opportunity before in Afghanistan. Because most of the time in Afghanistan was for war, so they couldn’t continue or they couldn’t find skills. So, In Indonesia, by these classes, they can find these newest skills, like how talented they are, have ability, and skills. So, of course, most of these sisters love this talent, love this skill, and they can find their own skill, their own talent, and they also want to be hairdressers. I am going to help them be a famous hairdresser one day!”
    – Sis F
    (*Hairdresser in Afghanistan = Makeup Artist)

    Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good! ♡

    With your help our reach will continue to expand, #BeautyWithACause has become the soul of our brand and it drives us to produce the best products responsibly, that not only makes you feel beautiful but will also help to empower women around us. 

    From June to December 2023, we will conduct a series of makeup classes and distribute our Sassy Girl beauty starter pack. Through the SASC X Liberty Society project, we hope to empower these marginalized women in our community by providing them with up-skilling training programs, a safe community, as well as employment. For every purchase of our product, you have contributed to our cause. 

    Join #BeautyWithACause and let's make an impact together!

    Priscilla Pangemanan,

    Co-founder & CEO SASC

    “Liberty Society decided to collaborate with SASC to align on our belief that confident women can be a light to the community. We are on a mission to give opportunities for more women who come from trauma backgrounds to be confident and feel beautiful again. We hope from this SASC x Liberty Society project, we give dignity and purpose back to women whose lives have been torn by war and discrimination! Makeup class is so empowering to enable women to get back on their feet to be strong for herself, her children, and family.”

    Tamara Wu,

    Founder Liberty Society