This year #WhatsHerStory, we're celebrating a group of inspirational lady bosses. Let this be a reminder that you can be whatever you want to be, without anyone's permission. No matter where you come from, your dream to be on top is valid! Don’t be afraid to take a risk and get out of your comfort zone! We all can be #WomenOnTop just like them.

Judithya Pitana

Judithya Pitana is the Editor in Chief of With her background as an experienced fashion stylist and the Editor in Chief of CosmoGIRL! Indonesia, she joined IDN Media and took the world of fashion and beauty by storm. Her favorite "me-time" is cooking and she loves to share with everyone on social media her cooking skills too.

Vanessa Hendriadi

Vanessa Hendriadi is the Co-Founder/CEO of GoWork. During her time in the US, she discovered the concept of co-working space; a fun and playful place for people to enjoy their work and get connected. That’s when she decided to create GoWork, which now has more than 18 different locations across Indonesia. She loves running and does marathons regularly to keep herself healthy and balanced.

Inna Chandika

Inna Chandika is the VP of Physical Goods of Tokopedia. After spending 8 years at Morgan Stanley Singapore, she took the courage to step out of her comfort zone to move back to Indonesia and enter a then-new e-commerce company, Tokopedia. She loves to read and spends quality with her family and friends to keep her life balance between work and personal life.

Ratih Permata Sari & Yaumi Fauziah

Ratih Permata Sari and Yaumi Fauziah are the Co-Founders, CEO/CPO of Base. Coming from completely different career background, Yaumi Fauziah & Ratih Permata Sari realized how difficult it is to find the perfect skincare product for Indonesian women. That’s how they decided to start their entrepreneurial journey with BASE, an Indonesian-headquartered beauty and wellness where they provide a custom formulated skincare products for their consumer. They are "sisters by choice" who constantly support each other through tough times.

Vancelia Wiradjaja

Vancelia Wiradjaja is the Managing Director of Xing Fu Tang Indonesia. Having a short-stint working in a kitchen during her studies in Australia, the fast-paced kitchen life felt second nature to her. Vancelia believes it’s her calling to stay in F&B business. Her passion really shines through with the success of Xing Fu Tang in Indonesia, creating massive buzz with their famous Taiwanese boba drink. Despite all of that, she enjoys watching crime & thriller movies to ease up her day.

Astri Wahyuni

Astri Wahyuni is the VP of Public Policy and Government Relations for Tokopedia. With her background as a reporter and working for 12 years at Unilever Indonesia, Astri is the living proof of “working hard is the ultimate secret to be successful”. Now she’s overseeing Tokopedia’s strategies on advocacy, influencing and government relations. She always encourages people to choose a sustainable living lifestyle, and shares ideas on ways to eliminate waste. She believes that it ultimately makes people to be empathetic and everyone can do their part to save the earth.

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