The Taliban Ban Beauty Salons in Afghanistan

Doc. BBC News
Doc. BBC News

According to the BBC, the Taliban has implemented a ban on beauty salons in Afghanistan, leading to the closure of several establishments on July 24, 2023. Consequently, an estimated 60,000 Afghan women who were employed in the sector lost their jobs. 

The shutdown of these beauty salons has deeply affected many Afghan women, leaving them in a state of despair. Adding to the closures, the Taliban has also removed posters advertising salons, as they now prohibit showing a woman's face without being covered by a burqa with a slight slit for the eyes.

Doc. BBC News
Doc. BBC News


Zarmina, an Afghan woman, shared her poignant experience, recounting that the salon owner was greatly shocked and in tears. The impact of this ban has been so profound that even simple acts like looking in the mirror while getting one's brows styled have become difficult, leading to sorrowful emotions and a prevailing atmosphere of silence.

"The owner got a big shock and started to cry. She is the breadwinner for her family," the mother of two said. I couldn't even look at the mirror when my eyebrow was being done. Everyone was in tears. There was silence,” said Zarmina to BBC.

In response to this situation, SASC, a mission driven beauty brand, to step up and aid local communities through our #BeautyWithACause project. As part of our initiative, SASC organized a series of makeup classes for refugee women, helping them embark on a journey towards financial independence. This support comes at a crucial time, providing these resilient women with opportunities to empower themselves and enhance their livelihoods.

SASC for Women Refugee 2023

Doc. BBC News


These women refugees come from Afghanistan, Middle East and Africa and currently reside in Serpong, Banten, relying on limited development funds to meet their families’ basic needs. They faced violence in their home countries and arrived in Indonesia without the right to work. These resilient women face challenges as they lack basic skills due to restrictions in their home countries, where women are prohibited from receiving an education or engaging in work. 

“For my class, as you know, the refugees here, they do not have the right to work or they do not have the right to do anything. So, of course, this makeup class for us is very useful and we really enjoy it,” said Sis F, one of the refugee women.

Doc. BBC News


SASC’s mission is to empower these marginalized women by offering skill-enhancement training programs, fostering a secure and supportive community, and providing them with employment opportunities.

From June to December 2023, SASC conducted a series of makeup training and distributed our makeup kits to refugee women. Through this program, SASC hopes to empower marginalized women in our community by providing them with up-skilling training programs, a safe community, as well as employment. 

Source: BBC News 

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