Does your makeup style change when you wear a mask? Most of you would probably say YES! During this time, you probably have a dilemma of whether or not to wear makeup when you go outside the house. If this is true, you’re not alone because we’re on the same page! But what’s the point of wearing makeup if we’ll cover it up with a face mask? 


Guess what? The new makeup rules are to keep your makeup base as light as possible and make your eyes pop, especially since your mouth is covered. So below, we are giving you stunning eye makeup ideas to recreate at home for all your virtual and in-person needs.

Play with Pink Eyeshadows

If you’re not into BOLD makeup, try pink shimmer eyeshadow! This shade is very easy to wear and recreate. First, we apply, Truly ‘Mazing Palette’s - Not Shy, all over the lids, then put a little swipe of Fulfilling Dreams Lip Liquid along the upper lash line and blend it out. The last touch, use your finger to put a gold highlighter in the center of the lid.

Bronze for The Eyes!

Have you tried earthy tone eyeshadow? Believe us, the warm browns and gold can really accentuate your eyes. So to create the 2nd look, we start by applying, Heroine Pallette’s Snatched, as a base. Then apply Truly ‘Mazing Eyeshadow in the outer corner of the lids. To define your eyes, we use Magnificent Palette’s Grit, along the upper lash line. The final step, dap the highlighter in the inner & center of the lids. Voila! It’s subtle but fancy!

A Simple Graphic Liner

Don’t have much time to do your eye makeup? Just draw this catchy black eyeliner using Magic Eyeliner Perfector. We call this look The Hollowed-Out Cat-Eyeliner! But before you draw it, apply Truly ‘Mazing Palette’s Caffeine all over the lids.

Silver Sparkle Eyes
Give your black eyeliner a break because it’s time to play with another color! This eye makeup look is suitable to wear on the weekend. First step, apply Role Model Lip Liquid all over the lids and lower lash line. Then put highlighter in the center of the lids & your lower lash line. The last step, draw your sharpest eyeliner using It’s LIT Gel Eyeliner in “Silver Lining” and also in the inner corners of your eyes!


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