2021: A Year To Stop Comparing Yourself to Anyone Else

Social media nowadays is like our second universe. We stay online most of the time, scrolling through Instagram feeds while on the bus, during lunch in a cafe, or whenever we have free time—just to watch the world through other people’s lenses. You can see how your friends are doing, how beautiful their houses are, and what kind of job they have or even the holiday destination they have been. It seems pretty fun, right? But.. Have you ever been stuck on your friend’s account and realized that you felt something hard hit your chest? Instantly, you start feeling bad and can’t get enough of comparing your life with them. Then you ask yourself, “Why is my life so boring?”

Without you even realizing, insecurity has taken control on you. But, don’t worry! You are not alone!—we all have experienced it once in life. Still, if it happens to you almost every day, the jealously that grows inside can leave you feeling frustrated and anxious because comparing yourself is indeed a recipe for misery! So, what can you do to stop self-comparing?


Knowing that everyone has a different starting point 

When you visit your friend’s LinkedIn account and found out that he just got promoted, or perhaps you’re a student who compares your grade to a person who happens to be the smartest one in the top university. You may feel resentful, upset, and think that you’re a loser. But remember! You can’t compare your progress, result, or success to others unless the starting points are the same, and they never are. So, accept that everyone has a different journey.

Don’t compare your talent to others. Everyone is unique!

If you’re not good at one thing that doesn’t mean you’re good at nothing. Some of you are blessed with a high IQ and others are naturally good at music & art. That’s okay! Everyone has different strengths and talents of their own. So, just embrace it! Take a moment to improve yourself every single day.

Appreciate your progress or celebrate small wins

Sometimes you may think that you are not good enough even though you try so hard, then you blame yourself for it. But hey! Keep in mind to always appreciate your progress over time, no matter how small it is. As long as you’re making headway and become better than yesterday, you have a good reason to be proud of yourself. Remember, compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

Accept that there is always someone better than you

Maybe you don’t like being in second place. For some people, it can steal their pride. No matter where you are, there is always someone better than you. Focus on your personal goal and keep moving forward. Before you know it, you can be an inspiration for others too! 


Written by Meysa Sella

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