International Women's Day may have passed, but the spirit in all of us is still blazing throughout the month. We believe empowering women should not be limited to just one day. Instead, we want to spread awareness to all women to be themselves and encourage them to dream big. Today, we've rounded up 9 inspiring women with accomplishments that can inspire you to keep working on your dreams. Here is #whatsHERstory!

Kelly Tandiono

You might wonder why we called her the Challenge Seeker! After graduation, she left home and decided to challenge herself to be financially independent. Not wanting to be like her peers who were still dependent on their parents financially, she wanted to know what it felt like to stand on her own feet. She learned that every challenge she took made her better and being alone made her even stronger than before. Now, Kelly has grew her career into becoming an international model since joining the NEXT Model Management in Los Angeles. In 2016, she became a model mentor/co-judge on the fourth season of Asia's Next Top Model. Watch her full story here

Ni Nengah Widia

Having lost the ability to walk at the age of three, Widi had low self-confident when she was younger. She always wanted to be able to walk & run as people normally do. But as time goes by, she found herself in love with para powerlifting that brings her spirit and motivations back to life. Now, she might not be able to run, but her spirit runs higher than anyone else. She won the silver medal at the 2019 World Cup Dubai in powerlifting. “I have been through all the obstacles since I was a little, and I don’t want to be weak as a woman”, she said. Gaining her courage, confidence, and discipline in her diet and exercise are the keys to her success.

Fira Basuki

The author of the famous trilogy novel, Jendela-Jendela (The Windows), Pintu (The Door) and Atap (The Roof), Fira Basuki, certainly embraces her passion for contributing more to society. In 2011, Fira established her first digital media company called Hasna Media — a place where she can channel her passion for empowering women around Indonesia to be authentic. Since then, her media has empowered women of all ages to be beautiful regardless of what skin color they have. She holds the belief that beauty first comes from within, you need to be a kind person, that's how you look beautiful inside and out.

Rittar Rajagukguk

Having a son is a beautiful miracle in Rittar's life while being a mom and a wife is not as easy as it seems. When she became a newborn photographer, she made sure she can be a mom and a career woman at the same time. To her, a photographer does not just take beautiful pictures. A photographer capture memories through her lenses. In 2011 - 2012, she won 1st place in Nikon Indonesia Photo Competition and & 3rd place in International Image Competition 2012 awarded by National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP).

dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro

You might first know Dr. Reisa when you watched her as a host on Dr. OZ tv program. Behind the screen, she also works as a skin specialist at her own clinic in Jakarta. Her charm and intelligence steal everyone's heart. Long before her fame, Dr. Reisa had to undergo some therapy on her left eye which became blind due to a toxo virus. Since then, she promised herself to make life more meaningful and always being grateful for every second. In 2010, she finally became the 1st Runner-up title (Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2010) which is the beginning of her career.

Valencia Mieke Randa

After experiencing difficulties in finding blood donors for her mother who had to undergo hemodialysis twice a week, Valencia established the Blood4Life online community in 2009, it's a place to connect those who need blood with potential donors. In the beginning, she had only 44 donors but now with over 100.000 people across Indonesia willing to be a standby donor. As a mom with 3 kids, she also set up the other foundations to provide facilities for kids with critical conditions. She believes that happiness is the best medicine and it is important to keep sick people positive so they can recuperate and respond well to medications. For us, not only she is a good mother, but also one of the greatest heroines in history!

Angkie Yudistia

Angkie became deaf when she was in second grade. Her life as a kid was really tough at that time because she couldn't hear properly. She got bullied at school many times and had difficulty in finding a job even after she graduated from her master degree. After a lot of rejection, she wanted to make a change in her life and others’ lives who also have a disability by establishing a company called This Able Enterprise. Through her social enterprise company which has been running since 2011, Angkie successfully helped around 3.000 people with disabilities to get jobs and live better lives.

Patricia Gouw

From her beauty to her bright smile who always made everyone around her laugh, you would think that Patricia Gouw did not have humble beginnings. Yet this time, the supermodel who became the runner-up in the fourth cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model (AsNTM) and TV Host got real about the struggle in her journey. Everybody has doubted her talent including her own mom, and she found it difficult to embrace her boisterous personality. But all doubts have been proven by Patricia when she was selected to be the TOP 3 of ANTM in 2016. Everyone loved her genuine personality!

Merry Riana

Merry Riana was first recognized when a book titled "Million Dollar Woman" by Alberthine Endah became the best selling book in Indonesia. Her journey began when she moved from her hometown in Jakarta to Singapore that changed her outlook on life and driven her to do things that were seemingly impossible. How she conquers her own fears make her become a successful woman at a very young age, and her inspiring story touched a million heart! Merry proves to everyone that the concept of mind-over-body, hard working and believing in the power of your dreams are real. They are what you need to reach your dreams!


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