Get those perfect cat eyes with SASC’s first ever Magic Eyeliner Perfector. Let your brow game be strong in seconds with our Effortless Brow definer!


We are ecstatic to be launching our first ever eye and brow product lines! This time we are collaborating with Indonesia’s favorite Beauty influencer, Titan Tyra. Judging from how much we have enjoyed watching Titan’s Vlogs and Make up hauls on her youtube channel, we are positive that this collaboration is going to be so millennially fun! SASC and Titan Tyra will donate some proceeds of the sales of the collaboration products to help raise funds for Panti Sosial Bina Laras. Panti Sosial Bina Laras is an organization that gives services and rehabilitation to people with mental illnesses and traumatic experiences so that they can learn to be independent in their community.

Magic Eyeliner Perfector

The Magic Eyeliner Perfector is a waterproof and highly pigmented eyeliner with a precise tip. We made the brush thin to help you get subtle lines. The Magic Eyeliner Perfector is available in Super Black. For a beginner, liquid eyeliner can be tricky and might seem intimidating. Worry not! SASC Magic Eyeliner Perfector is perfect for everyone who thinks they are not good at eyeliner.


Practice these steps to help you wing it out. If you are trying to do cat eyes, ensure your eyelids are not oily by cleaning them with a gentle eye cleanser. Carefully draw three thin lines along your eye, then connecting them. To create a wing, draw a tiny dot near the outer corner of your eye. Then draw a line from the dot directly to the inner corner of your eye. Voilà! Don't be intimidated to get perfect cat eyes every time. You can reach for a cotton bud to swipe away any mistakes.

Effortless Brow Definer

Effortless Brow Definer is triangular brow pencil that comes with a spoolie for blending. Available in four shades: Charcoal, Ash Brown, Caramel, and Walnut.. It protracts and retracts, no sharpener is required.


Like it’s name, the Effortless Brow definer is used to fill and give definition to your brows. The unique features about SASC’s Effortless Brow Definer is that it comes with a triangular tip to achieve hair-like strokes for your brows in a few seconds. It is perfect for every day use in the car, events, office and anytime while you are on-the-go.


To add definition to your brows, hold the Effortless Brow Definer with the triangular brow pencil facing down at a 90 degree angle, start with filling the arch with the most pressure and slowly decreasing pressure adding strokes on your brows inwards towards the nose. Remember to blend after adding strokes. For newbies to the brow game, the tip is to practice on how much pressure to put on the brows and blending them well.  

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