Eid Mubarak is just two weeks away, and everyone is in the mood for a vacation! If you're planning to visit your hometown this holiday, you might need some tricks to pack your suitcase. For most people, packing is a struggle between fitting what you actually need – and all the clothes you think you want to wear. Fortunately, Marie Kondo, the most organized lady in the world, has these great tips for you!

Pick your best clothes!

Cut down your unnecessary clothes and choose which outfits you actually need. Kondo used this trick as a "Spark Joy" test, it simply asking yourself whether you really love each piece you're putting inside. If you don't think you'll wear it, then leave it at home! This gets easier with practice.

Categorize your items

After you have finished selecting items, it's time to put them in the category! Put your makeup, skincare, underwears, and toiletries in different pouches to make it easier for you to find them anytime needed. For shoes, you can store them in a bag to keep your suitcase clean. 

Fold, fold, fold

Here are the most fascinating things that Marie Kondo does during packing, the art of tidying Up! There's a trick about how to do it right—just fold all your clothing into thirds until it forms a rectangle like in the picture below. It should be able to stand by its own!

Fold your dress properly

What if you want to bring some dresses on your vacation? Most dresses have thin fabrics that are easily tangled, so instead of folding, you need to roll them up to prevent wrinkles. This technique also works for a sheer skirt.

One more trick to save space

One favorite we learned from Kondo, she has a smart trick to pack underwears and socks without consuming a lot of space in a pouch. Simply tuck them into the space of a bra cup and there you go!

Now let’s pack in your suitcase

Put in large items first then add in smaller items. This trick will make it easier for you to set them depending on the size of your suitcase. According to Konmari method, you need to place them vertically to save more space in your suitcase! Don’t forget to leave some space for your pouches and bags.

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