Have you met someone who just seems to have good luck in everything? She might have a good partner, a great job and have amazing skills that she can be proud of. Are some people just born to be lucky and the rest of us doomed to have so-so luck? Here is the secret, luck is not just a random event, and we will tell you how to become luckier through changing your thoughts and habits. Here are a few things you can do to make your life better in 2019!


Believe that you’re a lucky person

We know it sounds strange when you hear it, but in fact, good things happen when you believe they will. When you have this mindset, you more likely focus on the positive things rather than the negative side. The positive vibes bring good energy into your body and calm your mind. So you can be receptive to the opportunities around you.


Be Clear About Your Goals

Clear goals help you narrow your focus and easier to decide what action you should do to achieve it. By breaking down your goals, it makes you easier to find the opportunity that related to your goals. You can share it with your friends, community or people you know better — when they love your ideas and perspective, it more likely they will bring the opportunities to you.


Face Your Fears

Sometimes the thing that blocks you to get the best opportunity is your fear. Keep in mind, it’s okay to have fears! Even the most famous and successful people like JK. Rowling has it too. You need to accept that having fear is normal and it’s time for you to step up out of your comfort zone, stand up & go for it! Whatever the result, you will gain knowledge and understanding.


Surround Yourself With The Right People

The opportunity comes when you have the right people beside you. Surround yourself to people who can develop you more and help you achieve your success. Remember that skill is not fixed at birth — it something that you can improve every single day. You can look for mentors or coaches, join the organization or community. Your circle of friends defines who you are, make sure you find good people who can lift up your spirit.


Practice Gratitude

We tend to stick to the bad things that happen in our life. Instead, focus on what a good thing that happens to you today, you can write down 5 things you are truly grateful at the end of the day. It could be a friend that makes you laugh, a loving family that supports you every day or a greeting message from your mom. Your day might not be as bad as you think!

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