Meet the new SASC Magnificent x Malvava. 

Read on for tips on how to be a MUA



We hear you. We know you want a nude lip liquid that doesn’t look too dark, too yellow or too light. We collaborated with Make Up Artist, Malvava, to figure out the perfect nude shade! It’s a nude coral brown lip liquid that flatters your skin tone. SASC’s 10th shade, Magnificent x Malvava, will be your new obsession in no time.


We went to talk to our gorgeous muse, Malvava, about her life as a Make Up Artist. To those loving the beauty scene, being a makeup artist is a magnificent career option. A typical day in her life as a makeup artist is filled with meeting new people and making new friends. Her favorite part of doing her clients’ makeup is the satisfaction of seeing their reaction after she’s done. When her clients are happy with her work, it really makes her job fun. 


Most people believe that being a makeup artist is simply a matter of talent. No, it’s more than that. It’s about commitment and hard work you put in to be a great make up artist. It also takes a lot of discipline to wake up in the wee hours to be all ready for work. For those of you who want to be a makeup artist, you should be diligent in practicing. Never give up!

Malvava chose nude coral brown shade because it is a universal shade that can be worn by everyone. It’s also her favorite color. You can wear Magnificent for daily wear and on special occasions. Like other SASC lip liquids series, Magnificent is creamy, non-drying and comfortable on the lips. An extra bonus if you love something sweet, because Magnificent has a delicious caramel scent!


Why Malvava chose the name Magnificent? Because she wants everyone to feel magnificent inside. Whenever they wear Magnificent and read the word Magnificent, everyone will feel magnificent and beautiful.


Malvava and SASC will donate some proceeds of the sales of Magnificent to help raise funds for Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on supporting children with cleft lip and increasing awareness about cleft. She realizes that it is important for children to also feel physically beautiful. The funds will be used for surgery on children with cleft lip so that they will be able to feel confident about themselves.

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