Your eye make up determine how your makeup look will be. Your eyes are the first thing that people notice. The beauty blogger, Salwa Rahman who is based in UK — knows very well how to play her eyes with different liners, blushes, and lipsticks to create a vibrant yet stunning eyeshadow. Think outside the box and paint fearlessly are the keys to achieve her unapologetic look. Try these playful eye makeups for your beach party, and we ensure everyone else will be on you!

Colorful Dots

We've got eye makeup looks that'll get you to play with colors like a kid! It's super dazzling but simple enough to make your eyes pop with no effort. Salma used colors like red, blue, yellow, green and black to draw some dots on her eyelids and below the eye corner.

Sunset On The Eyes

Beach party is the perfect time to incorporate bright colors into your makeup, and there's no better way to add a little color than painting the sunset on your eyes. You can blend a pink and orange eyeshadow on the lids and draw a white liner in the middle to warms up your makeup!

Pink Shimmery

Hit the beach with a splash of pink shimmer on your eyelids and cheeks to get an eye-catching makeup look. The bright pink tone will give you the most alluring tropical look. The last touch, you can draw blue and black dots in the center of your eyelids, and under the eyes to make it a little bit funky!

Blue Eyeliner

Blue tones are making a comeback! Match your eyeliner shade with the color of the sky, and a touch of blue on your eyes won't hurt! Salma gives you an example of how to rock the beach party with an edgy blue-liner paired with an orange eyeshadow.

Unapologetic Liner

When people used to make rules about what makeup could and couldn't wear, Salma chooses to experiment with makeup by drawing a unique blue winged liner shaped like an angel’s wing that makes her eyes looks stunning in the crowd. If you have an artistic soul like her, go steal her look!

Bright Eyeshadow

When it comes to makeup, don’t be afraid to play bright colors on your eyes. You can give a sun kiss on the lids to brighten up your makeup by combining pink and orange eyeshadow with a little touch of glitters on top of it.

Go, Glitter!

Whoever said that glitter is just for night time was wrong. Go pour some gold glitters on the outer corner of your eyelids and pair it with a soft pink like what Salma did. This eye makeup gives you a glamour vibe and fresh look at times!

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