We know the history, we've followed up on the trend, and we fell for the gimmicks to celebrate "The Day of Love" but what does Valentine's Day really mean to us? People have different opinions when it comes to who should be celebrating Valentine’s Day. To us, Valentine’s Day is a day to show your compassion, love, and appreciation to those who really meant for you, regardless of your relationship status. With whoever you are celebrating, we want to share our 5 favorite ways to show love on V-Day!

1. Give them a call

If you're very busy lately and haven't spoken to your best friend, sister, brother or even your mom in a while — Go pick up your phone! Valentine's day is the best time to maintain your relationship with them, a simple chat like asking how he or she's doing will make them really happy and feel appreciated.

2. Stay at home V-Day dinner

Give your sweetie a break with the ridiculously expensive set dinners in the restaurants. Instead, you can invite him to cook or bake together some of their favorite foods or cakes. Set the ambiance with both of your favorite music. If the cooking fails, food delivery is always there to your rescue!

3. Host a movie night

You might not meet every your besties every day; Galentine is always a fun idea to celebrate the day of love with them. You can invite them to your house or staycation in the hotel and host a movie night! We recommend you to watch movies or tv series like Friends, Bridesmaids and Mean Girl to celebrate your friendship. The more time you spend with them, the stronger your bond will be.

4. Take a dance class

This year why don't you come up with something new for V-Day? If you want to do a little different, try to take a dance class with your sweetheart. Dancing is romantic, intimate, entertaining and it can be your next wonderful Valentine date. You'll feel extra close to your partner after learning how to dance together. Maybe one of you will surprised by each other’s hidden talent on the dance floor.

5. Giving Love to others

When we were kids, our parents taught us how important it was to give and share. If Valentine is all about spreading love, it also the best moment to give a gift that will truly mean something to others. You can invite your partner or friends to make a donation together to someone in need. If you're interested in charitable activity this Valentine, you can join our #BeautyWithACause campaign to spread kindness around Indonesia.

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